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Basic Algebra Shape-Up
Hands-on tutorials that cover integers, expressions, equations, and more.

Math SoftwareIntroduces basic algebraic concepts and helps students to master specific basic algebra skills.

Students start with an assessment and receive immediate instructional feedback throughout. Step-by-step tutorials, which introduce each concept, can be referred to during practice.

The program is self-paced and self-monitored. Scores are tracked in a record management system that allows teachers to view and print detailed reports.

Designed for students in U.S. grades 6 through 9 (age 10 and up), the software can also be used by older students.

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Improve Algebra Skills
Students respond to interactive math software.

Students approaching high school are required to master skills needed for pre-algebra and basic algebra. They are expected to understand the relationship between numbers and words, and to know which operations to use. They are also expected to work with equations, variables and simple formulas, and to analyze information.

Students should be taught the rudiments of algebra skills in a manner that increases their self-confidence. They should be shown the elements of algebraic thinking and an algebraic vocabulary. They should also be shown how to work through problems step by step. Likewise, students need a chance to reflect on their learning and to figure out where they need help. Full Article

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